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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Pets

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Pets

Here at Nomad, the only thing that competes with our love of chocolate is our love for all of our furry friends and family members! Whether they’re cats, dogs, or any other animal friend we may have, they all hold a special place in our hearts.

This is exactly why every pet deserves to be celebrated and shown just how loved they are, besides, why have a pet at all if you’re not going to spoil them every once in a while?

Here are Nomad’s favourite ways to show your pet just how much you care!

Throw a Pet-Themed Party

Celebrating your pet with a party allows you to create lasting memories and honour their presence in your life. It also provides an opportunity to share the joy of your pet's companionship with friends and family.

If your pet plays nice with others, this is also an opportunity to invite a few other animals to the party and get them introduced. This is also a crucial step in socialising young pets, as they develop comfort with people and animals.

Get everyone in the mood with good food and good decorating; plan pet-friendly games and activities, such as a costume contest, and prepare a pet-friendly cake that the whole family, four legs or two, can enjoy.

pets bushwalking

Plan a Pet-Friendly Adventure

The world our pets inhabit can often feel a little small, limited to a condo unit, a single home, or the suburbs we live in, so broaden their horizons and spend quality time with your pet by embarking on a pet-friendly adventure!

Try out a new area and take a long walk with your canine companion, or visit a local park for a picnic with your usually-indoors cat.

Taking a little (or large!) trip with your pet allows you to bond with your them in a new environment and provides them with mental and physical stimulation. It also gives you both a chance to explore and appreciate nature together.
Just make sure you’re bringing all the necessary supplies; water, sturdy footwear, and a few treats for your animal companion, and yourself too!

image of the pet treats

Create Homemade Pet Treats

Show your pet some love by preparing homemade treats using vegan ingredients, providing them with a nutritious and delicious surprise.
Homemade treats allow you to control the ingredients and ensure they align with your pet's dietary needs. It also enables you to bond with your pet through the process of creating something special for them.

Find simple and pet-friendly recipes using natural ingredients and gather the necessary supplies.

Consider using playful cookie cutters for added cuteness! Involve your pet by letting them assist (or supervise!) during the preparation process.

image of Rubi with a ball
Capture Precious Moments

If there’s one thing every pet-owner can agree on, it’s that our time with our pets is always too short, so be sure to capture every precious moment that you can by snapping photos, taking videos, and organising an album dedicated to your favourite animal.

Start when they’re young, as those precious puppy days only last so long!

Photographs capture the essence and personality of your pet, creating lasting memories. They also serve as a beautiful way to showcase your love for your pet; assemble and album and build a lifelong keepsake dedicated to your days together – hopefully packed full of parties, trips, and treats!