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6 Ways to build the perfect garden this autumn

6 Ways to build the perfect garden this autumn

It's time to bring out the blankets, warm clothes and hot cacao and head outside to enjoy the crisp Autumn air. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just looking for some fun and playful activities, Nomad has got you covered with some awesome Autumn garden ideas. So, go grab your favorite sweater and let's get started on making some memories this Autumn  season!

Autumn  cleaning

Maintaining a beautiful garden does take a little work! 

Autumn is the season of falling leaves, and it's important for the health of your garden to keep it free of debris. Clear out fallen leaves, dead plants, and any other clutter that could clog up your garden beds.

Scattered debris means more work in the Spring, so make sure you clear everything out … and maybe jump in those leaf piles a couple times too!

Image of a broom and yellow fallen leafs

Get Planting

Autumn is a great time to plant cool-season vegetables like lettuce, spinach and pack choi. These vegetables thrive in cooler temperatures, and will keep your garden lush and colourful alongside the Autumn leaves.

Autumn  is also the time to plant Australian native like correa. The soil is still warm, which helps the roots establish quickly, making these plants  stronger when they pop up in the Spring. 

image of autumn garden with australian native plants
Take a well-deserved break! 

Enjoy some hot cacao in your completely refreshed garden. Indulge in some Mocha Latte  to turn up the energy on cooler days, or pour our West Africa 45% Dark drinking chocolate over ice if you’ve found yourself feeling toasty in the Autumn sunshine.

Nothing says satisfaction like a well-deserved treat, and everything tastes better when it comes after some hard work!

image of women holding cup of mocha latte and image of nomad chocolate mocha latte 200g and nomad chocolate mocha latte 40g

Harvest vegetables, and have a party

Autumn is the harvest season, and many vegetables, like pumpkins, squash, and Brussels sprouts, are ready to be gathered in the Autumn . 

Turn your harvest into an event by inviting friends and family over to help, and then make a feast with the fresh produce to say thank you!

Make homemade preserves

Take advantage of the abundance of Autumn  produce by learning to make homemade jams like apple or pear jam. Organise an apple picking or host a canning party with your friends and enjoy the fruits of your labour all season long.

Preserved produce also makes for a thoughtful, and sustainable, one-of-a-kind gift for friends and family.


image of making jams with apricots

Host a bonfire

After dinner, build a small bonfire in the garden to keep everyone warm and toasty. 

Roast some marshmallows, tell stories, and enjoy the crisp Autumn air. Add some string lights, blankets, and cushions to create a cozy vibe for Autumn , and enjoy some mulled wine or indulge in some delicious hot cacao in the evening as you usher in the cooler weather with your favourite people.

image of a girl holding cup with hot cacao and standing next to the fire pit with nomad hot chocolate west africa 45% dark and marshmallow and