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Embracing Veganism: Understanding The Value of a Vegan Lifestyle

Embracing Veganism: Understanding The Value of a Vegan Lifestyle

Blog post by Luka Pajkovic

Our goal at Nomad Chocolate is to capture the
millennia-old magic of chocolate, and present it in its purest form. This mission has led us around the world in search of the best possible ingredients, and led us to avoid all forms of GMO ingredients, emulsifiers, and additives. 

Another warmly-welcomed result of our search is 100% vegan chocolate: a label we wear with pride.

Veganism is a way of living that tries as much as possible to abstain from the use and consumption of animal products, that seeks to avoid all exploitation of or cruelty to animals. It is a lifestyle that has continued to grow since the name was coined in the mid 1940’s

Long associated with good health and environmental consciousness, a vegan lifestyle is filled with life- and planet-improving qualities. 

So, let’s take a look at everything you can gain by cutting out animal products.

a variety of vegan bowls and salads laid across a table

What Veganism Can Do For You


A switch to Veganism is accompanied by plenty of quickly-felt health benefits. 

Because Vegans receive their calories from a wider range of foods, they experience more balanced nutrition and get more valuable nutrients.

This change can be transformative, and the side effects of various nutrient deficiencies are things that many people feel every day, such as fatigue, irritability, brain fog, and even acne

This isn’t a huge surprise though, considering vast amounts of people have inadequate nutrient intake.

woman jogging during sunset

Energy Levels

Vegan diets are full of sleep enhancing brain chemicals that help vegans rest better and boost energy levels. 

This increased energy has helped tons of the world’s best athletes get to the top of their game; so, if you’ve ever had doubts about feeling run down without meat, just let seven-time Grand Slam winner, and four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Venus Williams reassure you. 

If that’s still not enough, look no further than NBA Champion Kyrie Irving, who credits his high energy to veganism; and next time someone tells you they’re too tough to go vegan, tell them to take it up with MMA star Nate Diaz.

Weight Loss

A natural result of a vegan diet is an overall reduced caloric intake, which allows people to more easily achieve a healthy weight, and prevent obesity and the associated health concerns. 

Short-term, the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet can help reduce the general under-the-weather feelings that plague so many of us. An added bonus is that the same diet can help get us that beach bod we’ve been chasing!

green onion and knife on top of marble counter

Broaden Your Cooking Horizons

No one said Veganism is easy, and cutting out some classic ingredients can be a challenge in the kitchen, but one of the best parts of Veganism is getting creative with your diet and exploring the wide world of vegan cooking!

Here are a few delicious dishes from some of the planet’s oldest vegan cultures:

  1. Ethiopian Chickpea Wat

    Ethiopia has a large population that give up meat during Lenten periods, meaning vegan options abound! Make sure you don’t forget the Injera with this hearty, lentil-based dish. Injera is a flatbread that, when shared, is said to create a bond of friendship and loyalty.

  2. Indonesian Ketoprak

    Take a trip to Jakarta with this delicious Indonesian street food staple. Tofu, bean sprouts, and vermicelli are topped with a spicy garlic and peanut sauce to turn on your taste buds!

  3. Greek Gemista

    Gemista means ‘stuffed,’ and you’ll be pretty gemista after you try these traditional Greek stuffed peppers and tomatoes! Traditional gemista are completely vegan, and capture the sun-drenched flavours of Greece in every bite.

What Veganism Can Do For The World

Water Conservation

Plant foods require far less water to produce than animal foods. Agriculture overall accounts for 93% of the world’s water supply, and 52% of it is used for the beef and dairy sectors. 

A switch to a vegan diet means using five times less water than a meat-based diet, studies show.

As our climate continues to change, water supply has decreased, and droughts have become longer, more serious, and more frequent. As we approach potential water crises in multiple regions, every effort to conserve water is crucial. But dropping meat and dairy will do more than shortening your shower.

dolphins swimming in ocean

Ocean Preservation

Overfishing occurs when fish are caught faster than the natural stocks can replenish; it is one of the most significant drivers of decline in ocean wildlife.

Pescatarians aren’t really off the hook as far as environmental impact goes.

Over the past 40 years, marine species have decreased by 39%, and this results in degraded and unstable ecosystems on the verge of collapse. 

Millions of people depend on fishing for their livelihoods, and half the world relies on it as their source of protein. The destruction of oceanic environments and ecosystems is a tragedy in itself, and the human danger follows right behind.

What Can Be Done

We know that a full switch to Veganism can be a big, life-altering step, and that it is a lot to ask of anyone; but the bottom line is: more Veganism means more good; for you, me, the planet, and all the people and animals that live on it. 

All we ask is that everyone do what they can, if it’s a few more meatless Mondays, or the occasional vegan restaurant, everything helps. And maybe, once you’ve explored all the delicious options Veganism has to offer, you’ll find yourself ready to take the plunge.

In fact, we think it’s a little easier when the first step is sweet! So, whether you are looking for hot chocolate, baking ingredients, or a classic bar of rich, dark chocolate, Nomad has all of your vegan chocolate needs covered.