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Decorating Tips to Sweeten Your Space this Spring

Decorating Tips to Sweeten Your Space this Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings; the air gets warmer, the scent of blossoms lingers on the breeze, and everyone starts to work their way out of hibernation. Spring is a time of rejuvenation and a perfect opportunity to infuse your living space with fresh, uplifting energy with a couple thoughtful decorating decisions, and Nomad is here to help you do it!

Play With Your Colour Palette
Refresh your interior colour palette with the essence of Spring. Soft pastels like delicate pinks,
baby blues, and muted yellows create a canvas of serenity that perfectly complements the season's charm.

Look to pick up a new print or art piece, it’s a fast way to switch up the atmosphere of any space; if you have the storage room, a rotating collection of prints will keep your home fresh year-round!
We highly recommend the work of Nomad-collaborator Elin Matilda Andersson, whose art is sure to inject some Springtime energy into any space.

Bring Some Nature Indoors
One of the most delightful ways to celebrate spring is by bringing the outdoors in!
There’s no better way to celebrate spring than by bringing home a healthy houseplant to soak up the sun and bring some soft serenity to whatever room it ends up living in.
For larger spaces, nothing beats the elegant impact of a monstera deliciosa, with broad leaves and vibrant colouring. They also thrive in low-light conditions, making them an easy and versatile addition!
If you feel like you could use a little more luck in your life, look no further than the Chinese money plant. Believed to bring good fortune, this plant perfectly rounds out a room.

kip and co bedlinene

Tempt With Texture
Springtime calls for a change in textures to create a breezy, light-hearted atmosphere. Embrace lightweight fabrics like linen bedding, linen throws and cotton cushions, bringing softness and comfort to your living areas. Diffused light through lightweight curtains in neutral tones is the perfect way to indulge in some extra sunshine. To enhance the earthy undertones of your decor, consider incorporating natural fibers such as jute rugs and hemp curtains, which not only look stylish but also add sustainability to your space.

Stir the Senses
A delicate scented candle will infuse your space with gentle aroma through the day, burned or not; the flicker of the flame and dance of the smoke also add a touch of romance for any late- night get-togethers.
While it isn’t technically décor, a robust stash of lattes that you can sip on it is a necessity! We recommend our Mocha Latte, rich cacao with the perfect touch of coffee sweetness.

mocha latte

Finally, music. The ultimate mood setter, one’s source of music is often overlooked as part of home decorating. Whether you’re going for a full vinyl set-up or a convenient Bluetooth speaker, consider how these ever-present devices interact with your space. A well-designed turntable, or speaker, such as those from Harman Kardon, can do double-duty


Enjoy decorating 

Nadja xx